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hair kohl part 2

The second and last part of this mini-arc thingy. Whatever you want to call them =D

hair kohl part 1

OF COURSE it's time for more adventures of HAIR KOHL AND SUPER GERMAN WRESTLING KOHL MAN! (sorry not this time =D)

This one basically explains why in some of the comics Herr Kohl is bald and in some, he has hair. Unfortunately, they are all out of order so I decided to just post this one. YAY~

playing with fire part 4

The final part of the nipple-wrenching playing with fire!!3!2231!! =D

playing with fire part 3

playing with fire part 2

The second part of Playing with Fire! Enjoy!

playing with fire part 1

The next installment of the Chronicles of Hair Kohl! Well, they're not really in any order but... whatever. =D This one was completely done by me!

german rocks

Well, the very first comic of the Chronicles of Hair Kohl!!! Wowee!

germanCollapse )


This is the official archive of The Chronicles of Hair Kohl!